Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 2 Monday Report

Well, I didn't make my goals for this week.  I knew that I couldn't when walking suddenly became a difficult issue to face.  But I didn't totally fail, either.

Here's the report for last week:

Week 1:

1-1.  Finished all of the week's laundry.  Hurray!
1-2. Completed about 80 percent of my crazy quilted -dimensional, life-size fruit.
1-3.  A failure:  I didn't quilt any of the quilts in my stack of "to-be-quilted-some-other-time quilt tops.
1-4.  Another failure.  I had to buy another bottle of detergent, since I didn't make more.
1-5.  But I DID get all the January birthday goodies mailed.

Okay, now on to the projects for this week:

2-1.  Laundry detergent reprise.
2-2.  Finish the CQ fruit project.
2-3.  Get caught up with my ETSY orders.  They fell behind with me off my feet...
2-4.  Clean off my studio counters to get ready for the next project (they are covered with piles of stuff from the last project...)
2-5.  Try again to get a quilt finished, or at least quilted.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just Ouch!

I already know that I won't finish my list for this week! Why?  Because I injured my foot and can barely walk, much less trek out to the studio.

Yesterday, as I was walking down the stairs, I heard a loud "POP" followed by intense pain in my right foot.  Now, I'm waiting for the final diagnosis:  ruptured Plantar fascia ligament or partially torn Achilles tendon.   Current treatment:  ice, elevation, ibuprofen.  None of this is helping very much!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting from Day 1

A new calendar! As I look at all those beautiful, fresh calendar pictures, filling in all the annual events like birthdays and anniversaries, I look forward to this fresh start and my hopes for the new year.  2013 is now officially here, and I imagine what will happen this year.  What adventures will I have?  What challenges?  What exciting things will come my way?  Meeting new friends?  Will I  reconnect with friends from the past?   I will certainly enjoy time with the friends that surround me. 

As a quilter, I look with anticipation to all the lovely fabrics I may use to make useful and beautiful things.  As an artist, I always look towards that next work.  I will gleefully gather supplies.  And use them.

Visions dance in my head, like fireflies on a summer night.  What wonders will I encounter?

I hope that each of you reading this blog finds 2013 to be a wonder-filled year.  May you have peace, happiness, and good health.

Happy New Year!