Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Quiet Week is Such Fun

When things are quiet around here, I have time to work on projects.  But sometimes it is a long time between the last time I painted/stitched/dyed/doodled and the next time.  To "limber up" my hands, I always do some practice projects first.  This week, I've had some quiet time and I have spent some time doing watercolors.

First, here is the cover I made for my journal.  I prefer a larger format for my journal, so the cover measures 9 x 12 inches.   Since I actually started the journal last fall, I did the cover in autumn colors with drifts of rubber-stamped maple leaves floating across a watercolored rusty palette.

Next up, a more spring-like page.  A pair of watercolor plants in early spring greens, graced by a paper butterfly.

I went back and finished the painting of the stargazer lilies that I posted for Easter, added the ombre band of pink on the right, and the hand-lettered name.

I did this batch of watercolor postcards all in one afternoon.  First, a whimsical splash of colors to celebrate my GD discovering that she likes watercolors.

Next, a watercolor abstract map.

Then, whimsy took over, and I doodled this card, which simply started as a rubber-stamped hydrangea blossom on a twig.

More whimsey and rubber-stamped work, bits of writing, a few circular stains, and some blobs of pale green gesso.

While I had the gesso out, I did this grove of birch trees.

After that afternoon of drawing and painting, I'd better get back to work while it stays quiet.