Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I always have good intentions, but too often get sidetracked.  I think that is a pretty common dilemma for many of us.  This year, I'm going to try something new...actually, something that I used to do when I was in the "corporate" world:  plan some tasks to be completed a during the following week.  Like a dreaded term paper back in the day, certain things just get set aside repeatedly.  Maybe I can get a handle on them this way.

Now, I know that some of you are already laughing.  I am, too.  But I will TRY to manage things one week at a time.  A month is too long.  A year?  Might as well be infinity.   Maybe I can do one week.  I realize that with Mom and her needs, any plan I come up with could fly out the window in an instant. 

With that in mind, I will try to list, every Monday, 5 things that I hope to accomplish during the following week.  The first one will always be the same, I know.  It is a fact of life, but when you do as much laundry as I do, it can get out of hand very quickly.

Week 1:

1.  Finish all of the week's laundry.  There, I've said it, now just to DO it.   Note to self:  Are there disposable sheets as well as undergarments?
2.  Finish my Thursday Stitcher's group challenge.  The challenge for this quarter is to create a crazy quilted 3-dimensional, life-size fruit. 
3.  Quilt one of the quilts in my stack of "to-be-quilted-some-other-time quilt tops.
4.  Make more laundry detergent.
5.  Get all the January birthday gifts selected, wrapped, and mailed.

I'll report on my progress on this week, and forecast Week 2 next Monday. 

Are there tasks you always put off?

Back to Square One

On a whim, I signed up for the Vicki Welsh/Judy Laquidara 2013 challenge, the  Back to Square One Mystery and chose to use these wonderful hand-dyed fabrics from Vicki's Etsy shop:

The mystery starts tomorrow, and it will be a nice kick-start to the new year.

While I was shopping for this fabric, I was inspired to do several other projects using Vicki's fabrics.  It isn't as though I don't already have an enormous stash....but her hand-dyes are downright irresistible.  Now, visions of placemats, wall hangings, and some sculptures are floating around in my head.

What sorts of projects to you plan for 2013?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dabbling with Color

Sometimes, I don't feel particularly energetic and enjoy colorizing rubber stamped images.  Here are a few of the ones I've done recently:

Watercolor background with rubber stamp which is then colorized.
Embossed a rubber stamp, then added watercolor.

Intricate stamp, used Inktense Pencils then water.

An autumn-themed  rubber stamp with watercolor.

This bamboo with birds was fun.

Another intricate rubber stamp and the Inktense pencils with water.

I love this little bird stamp.
Of course, I love to fiddle with paper almost as much as scraps, so here are a few paper and paint creations:

Watercolor on Suminagashi

Watercolor on hand-made paper

Watercolor and acrylic

Playing with Manilla Tags

Manilla tags are a wonderfully fun surface for painting, stamping, and making art.

I've been experimenting with many techniques on tags, and here are a few results.  In this first set,
I played with marbling a few manilla tags:

And dabbled in all sorts of media.  Here are a few more:


I have assembled all of these tags onto a book ring.  It is a fun mini-album.