Tuesday, May 3, 2022

May 3 2022 Still Being Scrappy

 Today has been another day at the scrap pile on my desk and from it I've created 22 little cards.  Here are the photos:


Monday, May 2, 2022

Mar 2 2022 Flurry of Activity

 After having spent what seemed to be a eon nursing my injured back, I've finally made it back into the studio and have been working at breakneck speed -- perhaps to make up for all that lost time.  Here are the cards and mini-cards I've made today.   Marmalade the cat has improved greatly and his vet visit today went very well; they were all amazed that the cat that was expected to die was looking like an entirely different cat, purring and sleek!    But, back to the cards.  The individual pics are of standard A2 size cards; the grouped pictures are of 3x4 size mini-cards.   All are made from the scraps on my desk.  And, yes, there is still a huge pile of scraps left (it grows overnight).   Enjoy.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Apr 28 2022 Catching Up Again

 On April 18, in the late-night hours, I was in the middle of rescuing an injured cat.  Naturally, in the dark, I tripped over something and took a nasty fall.   I have 4 ruptured disks in my spine and this was not a good move on my part.  But, the cat was in great need, so I went on.  The cat spent 4 days at the vet's office and is not home with me, as I have adopted him into my life.  He is doing much better, and I am slowly recovering from all the excitement.  My first day back in the studio was yesterday and I appear to be making up lost time.  Here are a bunch of cards I made from paper scraps today.  The ones with the central square surrounded by a series of strips were inspired by an very talented individual on a scrap paper users' Facebook group but I cannot find her post right now.  The others were all my concepts and trying to diminish paper piles...   Enjoy!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Apr 14 2022, A More Productive Day

 Today, I was a bit more productive.  I made 12 more of the 3x6 inch cards from scraps,  and 10 large policy envelopes from some old book pages.  Here are the photos:

First the cards:

And then the envelopes, the first one shows the full envelope' the next two photo are "group shots." 

Apr 13 2022 New Cards and Coffee-Dyeing Papers

 Today and tomorrow I will be busy coffee-dyeing papers.  I usually do a stack at one time, so it takes a bit, then more time to dry.  Lack of space means I have to stack them and then they generally need to be ironed.  Sometimes, I envy those who have a big enough space to lay them out flat in a single layer and dry them in an instant.  Even with the low humidity here, anything over 1/2 inch stacked takes time to dry.  So, I made a trio of cards during the wait.  

Monday, April 4, 2022

Apr 4 2022 Using Old Book Pages and Watercolor

 I allowed myself a bit of free-form time today and created a glue book page with a foundation of old book pages.  Once the glue dried, I stamped some images, then added watercolors to bring out the forms.  Finally, I cut them into the size of an A2 card fronts and made cards.  Orientation is all over the place, so be prepared...

Here's the glue book page before I cut it up:

nd here are the cards I made: