Thursday, September 24, 2020

Accordion "Tags"

 Somehow, I've overlooked posting this.  I made it last weekend in response to a challenge.  It uses many different materials and techniques (which was part of the challenge);  gloss medium, gold leaf, white gesso, texture paste, stencils, book pages, glue dots, pens, die cuts. 

A "Test" envelope pouch

 Today, I made a "test" version of a small envelope pouch to be inserted into a junk journal.  It was really easy and I enjoyed making it and having it ready for my journal.  Here are some pictures; first is the front, then the back, and last the inside.  There are assorted tags in the pockets.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Sep 2020 Index Card Art

 I've completed my September 2020 3x5 Index Cart challenge (to myself, as part of my Art-Every-Day challenge).  Here are the photos.  The pairs are the way they appear in the bound booklet, with each card also being the back of another card so that there are no blank cards in the group.  The single ones are the first and last pages.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sample Tags for 7-Layer Challenges

The ongoing 7-layer challenge for one of my journal groups can become confusing, so I created these tags to show the many different techniques/materials that can be used.  So far, I have 60 tags, but there will be more as time passes.  Here are quick scans of the first 60:

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Another Challenge

Today, another challenge.  This one sprung from the 7-layer challenge ongoing on one of my groups.  We were to make a 3 envelope folder using at least 7 of the following items:  Glitter glue, stamping, decorative scissors, oxide inks, eye shadow, texture paste, label maker, paint, washi tape, and white gesso.   Here is my finished piece.   I used everything except the eye shadow (which I don't own), and added a couple of things which weren't called for.  All pages began with an application of oxide ink to distress and age the edges, followed by random stamping on the outer edges and other materials as noted.. There will be a new challenge each week. 

The front cover.  Uses oxide inks, stamping, white gesso, texture paste, label maker.  Tied closed with a hemp cord threaded through an eyelet.

Inside page 1.  oxide ink, stamping, washi tape, decorative scissors, glitter glue.  There is a journaling card inside the pocket.

Inside center page.  Oxide ink, stamping, white gesso, more stamping, glitter glue in myriad colors., washi tape.

Page 3.  Oxide ink, stamping, white gesso, paint, more stamping, glitter glue, book page, and there is a journaling page inside the pocket.

Fist page of back.  Oxide ink, stamping, previously created cluster with many layers.

Center outside page.   Oxide ink, stamping, white gesso, acrylic ink, watercolor ink, owl and leaf motifs.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Tropical Journal

One of the crafting groups I participate in has a weekly challenge.  This week, it was to create a journal in a tropical theme using three envelopes.  I made a poor start as I first selected envelopes that were too flimsy; a second try had better results.  Here is mine, finished this morning:

From the outside, tied with a ribbon.

1st inside pocket.

2ns inside pocket

3rd inside pocket

1st outside page

2nd outside page

3rd outside page

Inserted journal cards. The one at center bottom looks like a mountain, but it photographed much darker than the sandy color of watercolors on deli paper that I had created; the slope  is intended to be under the sea.  The journal card itself was a gift from a fellow junk journal maker.   The pelican is hand painted.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

1 Dozen Cards using Monoprint Backgrounds

I've been playing with making monoprints for the last week or so and have produced quite a few pages.  My plate is not as large as a full sheet of paper, but about 1 inch smaller on all sides.  I've like the prints and decided to make a stack of greeting cards (which I go through *remarkably* fast).  Here are the first dozen of them.  Two of the cards are from printed paper, no monoprints, and are so marked.  The scanner has slightly cut off some of the edges.

Printed paper for background.

Printed paper for background.