Friday, June 21, 2024

YouTube Video: 3x5 Card Art, Part 1

 I've added a new video to You Tube. This one looks at the first group of my many 3x5 cards and is accompanied by very soothing music. I'll be the typical You Tuber and say: "Please click like" but I won't beg for subscriptions. Here's the link:

Monday, June 17, 2024

Decorating Playing Cards

Today,  I decided to make some decorated playing cards to use as journaling cards.  I used some alcohol ink splattered vellum to give them a bit of a twist.  These were fun and I will definitely do more in the future.  They are backed with hand-dyed paper to create a writing surface.  Here's the group.  

Some Easy Belly Bands

 I made 6 belly bands for my journals today.  Each started with a book page and went on from there.  Many of them are making good use of a snippet roll I did a few weeks ago (and used it all).  I make snipped rolls and clusters often, using the scraps that are always to be found on my desk.  The backing for them is a partial roll of leftover drywall tape (the paper-y kind) so basically all of the items used are scraps.  Here are the belly bands, each measures about 2x8 inches.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

An Experiment with 4x6 cards


Facing my desk full of scraps (and three drawers full as well), I tried an experiment today. I started by connecting six 4x6 index cards on the back side, using bits of washi tape to align them with about an 1/8 inch gap. Then, I turned them fact up and collaged the entire top as thought it was a single piece. After that was done and dried, I flipped them back over and cut them from the back. At last, I was able to see what the individual cards looked like, and was able to finish decorating them. For having essentially the same background, they ended up looking quite different. Here's the result.