Saturday, November 13, 2010

Translation Needed

While I'm recuperating, I have time to look at things. I got a pack of tea from my son, who spends a lot of time in Shanghai for his work. The tea, called "Flowers Story" is one which has a flower that opens in the hot water and is quite lovely. But when I couldn't figure out how much each packet made (a cup? then the flower didn't show up perhaps a pot?) I went looking for directions. This is what I found:

" Longjing tea view of the landscape win Linhe the show, the process refined, "Color Green, Sau Yu, Weichun, and the United States = the" four never known. The brewing tea when Babao treasures each other with the traditional tea integration, Longjing ease the bitterness, particularly fragrance Xiangyu alcohol taste. Commodities drink appreciate is the leisure drinks all ages."

I know they are trying to tell me something, but the meaning seems elusive. Can you help?

By the way, it made a very pretty -- but terribly weak -- tea when I used the pot.

Catch-up and Fall Down

I know. I haven't posted for a long time. Life got in the way...illness, broken bones, bringing my mom from Florida to live with us now that she can't do for herself. So. Now I will try to do better -- again.

I haven't been too creative during these last months, so no new "things" to show from that aspect. I did spend a month in Florida clearing out my mom's house and getting her ready to move here with us.

Want to buy a very nice house?

I know I am a pack-rat, but she takes the cake. 30+ years in the same house, yes, but she still had birthday cards sent to me when I was a toddler! I came home with the full intent to dump a LOT of stuff and never be a pack-rat again...only to slip on the deck and break three bones in my right leg. Now, I am finally allowed to put "some" weight on the ankle and may be walking again by Christmas. Oh, well.