Friday, September 26, 2008

12 and 12

12 hours of daylight; 12 hours of darkness. That is what today's weather listing shows for here in MA. Should I think of this as a glass half-full, or half-empty?

The trees are starting to put on their colorful autumn cloaks; here and there showing bits of red, yellow, orange, and lime green. This summer has gone by so quickly. The garden is shutting down for a long rest, the tomatoes are all mostly red and stacking up on the counter. Summer flowers are giving way to autumn mums. The corn fields along the road have been harvested and are now stubble fields covered with migrating Canada geese gleaning leftover kernels of grain. Pumpkins abound, decorating porches and the first -- far too early!!! -- Halloween decorations are appearing. Soon, we'll have the first frost of this season. Time to get the firewood split and stacked, sacks of pellets readied for the pellet stoves, pull out the warmer clothes, pack away the summer sandals and shorts. Time for the ant to take over, and let the grasshopper languish.

Winter and the long, dark days will be here all too soon, but for today, it is 12/12.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Catching Up

I started June with a terrific 2-day "Tourist" vacation in New York City and did all the usual tourist things: rode the ferry to Liberty Island, Ellis Island; saw "Swan Lake" at the Met; spent far too little time in the Museum of Fine Art (I could go there daily for years and still not see it all); went to the top of the Empire State Building at midnight; ate far too much (but who can resist all the fabulous ethnic restaurants in Manhattan?); walked around the Guggenheim (its under refurbishment); got blisters from lots of walking; and not least -- got in a little "people watching" and a street fair on Lexington Avenue. I had a small accident on the subway -- a sudden, unexpected lurch made me loose my balance and quickly grab a pole. So quickly that I cracked a bone in my wrist and pulled my thumb briefly out of joint. I didn't go to the ER. Why waste my 48 hours in NYC?

Getting home, I did go to the ER and now sport a blue and black splint to immobilize my thumb. I can't wait to get it off -- no stitching, no weaving, no spinning, no knitting. Boring. And ------- I can't get to work on my new on-line class until I get the splint off.

Why is spring so short? After far too few perfect days, it's become very hot and muggy . I don't enjoy the humidity at all.

A Beginning

A blog? Me? What made me take this step? What will I track? Fiber Art pieces started, in progress, sometimes completed. Soaps made and put on the curing rack. The progress of the seasons, as seen through my eyes and my studio windows. How my garden grows. Where the wind blows. Whatever. It is not the beginning, but a beginning.